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We are the sport club SG Heidebube Riedelbach. You can find us in a little village located in the wooded mountains of the Taunus,
20 miles afar from the city of Frankfurt, in the heart of Hesse and in the middle of Germany.
Our sports club was founded in 1989 by our oldest members to give some young men a home and refuge for playing soccer.
On the top of the valley of Riedelbach lies the "Heide", a special kind of moor, protected as an endangered natural source. Here is our soccer field, surrounded by the typical german mixed forests. Every friday in the summer we practice there our soccer skills, followed by a get-together of players and non-players with beer and cider till sunset at our "Bendertemple", a viewpoint tower placed at the field.

This area is the place of our tournament every summer, so called "the Taunus-Bembel-Kick".
20 to 30 teams are fighting in a challenge to win different types of trophies.
You can win the soccer tournament, the drinking statistics and our "Blindkick", where you have to play in a 2-on-2 game blindfolded and dependent on the vocal orders of your team-members outside the small field.

We hope that this description gives you a good overview about the SG Heidebube Riedelbach.
If you're interested about our club and our tournament, or if you wanna have more information, contact the webmaster or the management.
It would be great for us to have an english team at the Taunus-Bembel-Kick.
So visit us here in Riedelbach and enjoy the great german summer and playing on our "Heide" soccer field!

We are sorry that you can find here only one page in English, but we are a very small club! You have questions?
So write an eMail to everybody of our management in your language. You will get an answer as soon as possible! Hope to see you soon!


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